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What should I do if the steel plate is rusted?

2019-10-25 15:18:29
It is well known that the steel plate is placed on the outside and is easily rusted by the oxidation of the air for a long time, which not only affects the appearance but also affects the price of the steel plate. In particular, the requirements for the surface of the laser are quite strict. As long as there is rust, it is impossible to produce, and the uncertainty of the operation risk will be greatly increased. When the knife is broken, the rust of the rust will cause the laser head to wear. So what should we do with rusty steel plates? Here are some simple ways to solve some problems when the steel plate is rusted. Come check it out.
The first one is jet rust removal. The spray rust removal method uses compressed air to spray the abrasive at a high speed to the surface of the steel sheet, and removes scale, rust and dirt by the impact force and friction of the abrasive, thereby obtaining a certain roughness on the surface of the steel sheet, which is beneficial to enhancing the paint film. Adhesion.
There is also chemical rust removal as we know it. Chemical descaling can also be called pickling and rust removal. The metal oxide is dissolved by reacting an acid in the acid washing liquid with a metal oxide to remove oxides and rust on the steel surface.
The general pickling methods are common pickling and comprehensive pickling. The steel is easily oxidized by air after pickling, and must be passivated to improve its rust prevention ability. The passivation treatment refers to a method used to extend the rust-reducing time of the steel sheet after pickling, so as to form a protective film on the surface of the steel material, thereby improving the rust-preventing property.
Different treatment methods can be used depending on the specific construction conditions. After the steel plate is pickled, it should be washed with hot water to neutral immediately, and then passivated. In addition, the steel can be washed immediately with water after pickling, and then neutralized by adding 5% sodium carbonate solution, the alkali solution is washed with water, and finally passivated.
Finally, the flame is derusted. Steel flame derusting means that after the flame heating operation, the wire rust is used to remove the rust attached to the surface of the steel sheet after heating. Before the surface of the steel plate is derusted, the relatively thick rust layer attached to the surface of the steel plate should be removed, and then the flame is heated to remove the rust.
These steel plates have their own advantages in derusting. They can be combined with their own different needs and use a steel plate descaling method that is more suitable for them. Zherui Steel manages the wholesalers of steel plates. The quality of steel plates has been widened into strictness. They have full experience in preventing rust removal and treatment methods. They want to know more about Zherui Steel.