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What kind of wear plate is a good wear plate?

2019-10-10 14:57:09
In many places in life production, wear plates are used in many places, and wear-resistant plate steel is a kind of industrial product widely used in life. When we use it, we must seriously select the wear plate, what kind of Wear plate is a good wear plate?
Wear plates come in a variety of models, such as the NM400 and NM500. Face-to-face wear plates are definitely different in nature. When choosing a wear plate, we must consider our needs to consider what kind of wear plate to choose, and what kind of wear plate Suitable for us? Here is a brief introduction to everyone.
Firstly, the density of the wear plate itself is relatively low, while the low density is generally relatively small, so it is convenient to transport during transportation, and the recovery rate of the wear plate itself is high, and the wear resistance of the wear plate itself is The anti-aging property is very good, so it will be more suitable for some harsh environments in the application process, and it is not necessary to frequently check and repair in the process of use, which saves the cost and saves the use of manpower in daily production, so These wear plates have great advantages in these places, so the scope of their application is more extensive.