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What is the reason for the rapid wear and tear of corten steel?

2021-05-06 10:17:53
Corten steel is now a very popular material, widely used in landscapes, sculptures, garden decoration, roads, etc. Weathering steel will also suffer damage from some elements during application. Let's take a look at the reasons that cause corten steel wear.
If the weathering steel is in a dark and humid environment with a large moisture content, it is not suitable to use weathering steel. In an exposed outdoor environment, rust caused by rain or other conditions will also accelerate the damage of weathering steel and shorten the use time.
Corten steel is a kind of thick steel plate after all, so it should be well maintained in the application of weathering steel. When storing weathering steel, it should be stored in a dry and naturally ventilated area with raw materials to reduce the corrosion of weathering panels caused by the wet and cold natural environment.
The main purpose of weathering board is more common. People and companies provide various types of weathering board, which are of reliable quality and give full play to excellent effects in application.
In the application, some methods can also be selected to improve the characteristics of the weathering board. In that way, the service life of weathering steel products is increased more reasonably, and the life of weathering steel is prolonged.