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What is a high-strength steel plate?

2019-10-30 15:16:42
The high-strength steel plate refers to the grade Q460 steel, which has high strength, especially in the normalized or normalized and tempered state, and has high comprehensive mechanical properties. Mainly used for large ships, bridges, power station equipment, medium and high pressure boilers, high pressure vessels, rolling stock, lifting machinery, mining machinery and other large welded structural parts.
High-strength boards are roughly divided into: Q390 Q420 Q460 Q500 Q550 Q690, and different steel mills, the factory standard is not the same, such as Angang's AH60 is also called Q460, WISCO such as: WH HG60, etc. These are the same performance, that is, the name is not same.
High-strength board AH60, Q460: This product is widely used in all kinds of construction machinery, such as mining and various types of engineering drilling rigs, electric shovel, electric wheeled dump trucks, mining vehicles, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, all kinds of Mechanical equipment such as cranes, coal mine hydraulic supports and other structural components.
At this time, maybe you will ask about the price of the high-strength board. In fact, when it comes to price, this is a variable, because different regions, different times, and prices are different, so only the consulting manufacturers will know the specific price.