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What are the functions of stainless steel pressure vessels

2019-10-15 14:50:05
When using stainless steel tanks, we must carefully observe the integrity of the entire equipment. If the vent hole, drain pipe and hole cover of the topping are rotated, the gasket is not worn. Only the regular observation of the entire stainless steel tank can understand the service life of its various components. Frequently observe the condition of the breathing valve and hydraulic safety valve on the stainless steel tank, and accurately understand the pressure state in the current tank and adjust it.
The water stored in the tank does not have to worry about the water being polluted by harmful substances from the outside. At the same time, it also ensures the entry of some mosquitoes, ensuring the health of the water and not breeding bacteria. Moreover, the internal design of the water allows the impurities in the water to quickly sink into the bottom of the tank without being turned up by the water flow. The natural stratification of domestic and fire water is guaranteed.