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What are the advantages of wear-resistant steel plates

2021-06-08 10:04:25
The wear-resistant steel plate processed by Zherui Steel is a kind of high wear-resistant steel plate produced by unique and special automatic welding technology. It adopts automatic metal arc surfacing method, which can form a hypereutectic high chromium alloy wear-resistant layer on the entire steel plate according to customer needs.
Moreover, in the wear-resistant composite plate, the metal compound is distributed on the solid solution substrate in a relatively diffuse form and is actually used as a strengthening phase, so that the strength, hardness, and wear resistance of the entire alloy are greatly improved.
Then the wear-resistant steel plate also has high wear resistance. We have fully automatic CNC stacking equipment and do not rely on manual welding technology to produce fully qualified and high-quality products. The special automatic welding technology makes the hardness of the wear-resistant layer between 58-62, which fully guarantees that our wear-resistant layer has continuous good and balanced wear resistance.
The wear-resistant steel plate also has high impact resistance. Due to the use of soft steel substrate, the wear-resistant composite steel plate has high impact resistance, which fully reflects the advantages of composite materials in both wear resistance and impact resistance. Finally, the wear-resistant steel plate has a high-performance price ratio: the high wear resistance of the wear-resistant composite determines its high cost performance. Take the liner of the blanking car in the steel industry as an example. The long service life of the liner of the blanking car of many users is basically within 2 months. If our wear-resistant steel plates are used several times as much as they are.
Zherui Steel is a manufacturer specializing in wear-resistant steel plates and has very rich experience. If you need wear-resistant steel plates, please choose Zherui Steel and look forward to cooperating with you.