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A meeting on wear resistant steel production safety

2019-09-23 17:55:34
In order to implement the company's 2019 safety production of wear-resistant plates and implement the company's requirements for further deepening the typical production safety, from September 19 to September 20, the company organized the "Safety Conference on Wear-resistant Versions", all personnel of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department. The operation supervisor and other personnel attended the seminar.
This seminar, first of all, takes safety as the premise, production as the purpose, innovative production methods, highlights the company's capabilities, and is practical, to study the production safety of the company's wear-resistant plates, and to integrate the production of environmental protection facilities with the safety of the enterprises. Different scenarios and different role transformations were set up to discuss and formulate plans for the safety of wear-resistant plates. Wear plate production should meet the "conformity, operation, connection", innovation and improvement. This seminar laid a solid foundation for further improving the company's safety risk control capabilities and emergency management level and promoting the high-quality development of the branch.