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Zherui Company Conducts Employee Representative Safety Inspection Activities

2019-09-19 19:07:54
In order to further promote the company's "safe production month" and "safe production of Miles" activities, continue to improve the company's safety management work level, give play to the role of employee representatives in democratic management and supervision, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. On September 17th, Zherui organized a team of workers familiar with safety production and technical management in the production system to form a patrol group to conduct safety inspection activities.
The inspection team conducted safety inspection activities by means of checking materials, watching the scene, and interviewing employees. The focus will be on the implementation of safety regulations and safety production responsibility system, the implementation of standards for the safety production standardization of the team, the safety education and training of employees, and the distribution and use of labor protection products. The members of the inspection team went to the production site to check the safety workbook records and understand the opinions and evaluations of the employees on the company's safety production. Record and summarize the problems found. After the patrol ended, the company issued a rectification notice to require the responsible department to rectify within a time limit.
Through this patrol activity, the staff's supervision mechanism for safety production has been strengthened, the employees' awareness of safety production has been improved, and the promotion of the company's safety production has been greatly promoted, providing security for the company's annual production tasks.