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Zherui Labor Competition Boosts Production

2019-09-19 18:23:16
Recently, Zherui Company has actively carried out labor competition activities with the theme of “guarantee quality, increase production, create efficiency, and strive for first-class”. Through activities, it promotes the implementation of work, over-fulfills the tasks of production and management, and promotes quality and efficiency through real work.
Zherui always regards labor competition as an effective means and carrier for strengthening team building, improving staff quality and promoting safe and civilized production. The 30-day labor competition has formed a strong ratio, learning, rush and help between the team and the team. Super-ambience, each participating employee strictly follows the general requirements of “doing the best things, doing the first-class”, optimizing the design, optimizing the process and safe production, effectively ensuring the smooth completion of the output, quality and efficiency indicators. And all performances have improved.