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Zherui Company Issued "Psychological Health Knowledge Reader" For Employees

2019-09-17 15:38:59
How to overcome the inertia in the workplace? What should I do if my work is frustrated? Recently, in response to the psychological problems that employees often appear in their work, Zherui has issued a “Psychological Health Knowledge Reader” to all employees. A “Pen-Reader” provides a convenient “prescription” for employees to solve mental health problems.
The company closely follows the group company's goal of building a happy Zherui, guided by the needs of employees, with a focus on caring for employees and serving employees. The unit of the branch is multi-faceted and the employees work in different places, often for daily work. The common psychological problems encountered, put forward the coping strategies and adjustment methods. The "Psychological Health Knowledge Reader" was printed for the staff. It provides guidance and suggestions on the psychological and emotional issues of employees from five aspects: concept, workplace, interpersonal relationship, marriage and love, and psychological adjustment.
By reading the reading book, it is conducive to enhancing employees' mental health awareness, alleviating the dual pressures of employees in work and life, effectively improving the quality of employees' spiritual life, guiding employees to live happily and work happily, and providing guarantee for the company's sustainable development.