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Breakthrough In thinking Seeking Innovation

2019-09-11 14:49:30
Through the company's organization of the group building activities, experienced the importance of team-based collaborative operations, the speed of 60S on a team-based basis, through the card image recognition representative figures, in cooperation with team members, complete the number 1-30 in the specified time Identify and feel the brainstorming of all the people in the team. All activities are centered on teamwork. How to use and maximize teamwork in the work, first of all, there must be a good leader decision maker, and rationally arrange the division of team members. Give full play to the shortcomings. Each member must actively and effectively communicate, but also trust each other, exert a strong cohesive force, break through the mind, and seek innovation in the rules. Thanks again for the platform built by the company, I hope that the company's tomorrow will be more beautiful and exciting.