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Weathering Steel Will Be Widely Used In Photovoltaic Applications

2020-09-04 10:01:13
Weathering steel is atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, is between ordinary steel and stainless steel low alloy steel series. Weathering steel is made of common carbon steel by adding a small amount of copper, nickel and other corrosion resistant elements. It has the characteristics of high quality steel, such as strength, plastic casting, forming, welding and cutting, abrasion, high temperature and fatigue resistance. The weatherability of weatherproof steel is 2~8 times that of common carbon steel, and the longer it is used, the more outstanding its corrosion resistance will be.
Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, weathering steel is widely used in railway, vehicles, Bridges and other steel structures exposed to the atmosphere for a long time. Nowadays, weathering steel is gradually applied in the field of photovoltaic. It can be said that the application of weathering steel in the photovoltaic industry is the application of traditional materials in the emerging industry. This will be another big fruit made in China.
Suzhou aikang metal senior engineer no more waste of time, points out that suzhou aikang metal stent research with great concentration, heart is social and environmental protection, innovative to replace hot dipping steel with good performance of the weathering steel, effectively avoid the pollution problem of traditional hot galvanizing technology support, in the production cycle shorten stents can also reduce the production cost of about 15%.It is also based on the application of weathering steel support materials, in a short period of work, can successfully complete the project. Weijunyao added that at present, Aikang Neorex steel support has been successfully applied in ganquan project, which not only saves costs, but also provides guarantee for the construction period. The Ganquan project has also become the largest application project of weathering steel bracket in China.
To sum up, Ma Renle, professor of Tongji University, mentioned that Weathering Steel has four main advantages:
1. As long as reasonable alloying elements are added without changing the smelting method or the mechanical properties of steel, the material production is simple and application is convenient;
2. Good corrosion resistance, simplified anti-corrosion measures, saving investment and maintenance costs;
3. Compared with stainless steel, low cost, cost-effective more acceptable;
4. Compared with hot zinc-impregnated steel, Corten steel can reduce environmental pollution, accelerate manufacturing process, reduce transit times, save cost and cost performance.
However, weathering steel has two shortcomings:
At present, weathering steel has been widely used in the United States and Japan and other developed countries. Wang Xinzhi, director of engineering and technology Center of An Steel Group, believes that corrosion resistant steel has excellent corrosion resistance, lower cost than stainless steel, and has less pollution than hot impregnated steel. In the future, it will be more widely used in the field of photovoltaic.