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Weathering Steel Products And Processes From Zherui Steel By Annie

2021-03-18 14:13:11
Rust stabilization treatment is to use chemical method (rust liquid) on the surface of weatherproof steel to make it produce rust stabilization film. It is a kind of rust inhibition from the initial use of steel, so that it stability.Manual treatment usually takes 30 days.General coating treatment is normally if local damage, namely cause coating stripping phenomenon, from this rust, to maintain beautiful must no longer coating.However, rust stabilization treatment is to melt the skin film slowly, so that the rust stability generated, gradually expanded to the whole, covering the steel surface with a layer of skin film, no maintenance.
1. Stage 1: Small rust spots start to appear in the genuine weathering steel. The rust spots of ordinary steel plates are relatively loose, and some of them with poor rust treatment even lose rust;
2. The second stage of long rust of steel plate: the genuine weathering steel has less rust water and smaller and thicker rust point;The rust water of the ordinary steel plate is more, the rust point is larger thin sparse;The rust column of ordinary steel plate, tear marks are more serious, the bottom of the workpiece has black signs;
3. The third stage of long rust of steel plate: the genuine weathering steel has a clear and dense rust core layer, and the rust points are closely adhered to form a protective layer, and the rust can hardly be wiped off by hand;Ordinary steel plate rust more, even the whole piece of rust peeling, rust through.Genuine weathering steel is reddish-brown, ordinary steel plate is dark black color.
The modern weathering steel building curtain wall (3MM) is similar to the aluminum exterior wall installation at present, and the thick layer (5MM or above) weathering steel curtain wall mostly adopts unit external hanging.Landscape and some simple devices, the use of direct welding technology.The following should be noted:
1. Corrosion of welding points: The oxidation rate of welding points must be the same as that of other materials, which requires special welding materials and techniques.
2. Corrosion by water: Weathering steel is not stainless steel. If there is water in the concave position of weathering steel, the corrosion rate will be faster, so drainage must be done.
3. Salt-rich air environment: Weathering steel is more sensitive to salt-rich air environment such as Hawaii.In such an environment, the surface coating may not prevent further oxidation of the interior.
4. Fading: The rust layer on the surface of weathering steel can cause the surface of objects near it to become rusty.
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