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Weathering Steel Landscape Wall From Zherui Steel By Joyce

2020-11-05 09:26:35
The choice of corten materials is influenced by many factors, such as project attributes, site conditions, designer preference, cost and dosage, etc. From the perspective of the material itself, each material language has its own unique expression mode and spiritual connotation. Similarly, under the influence of the post-modern, post-industrial and ecological trend of thought, the weather-resistant steel plate has also formed its unique expression mode in different types of design contexts.
Weathering steel is widely used and has become a popular trend in modern landscape. The steel quality is cold pronoun. Landscape designers should give full play to the properties and advantages of weathering steel and explore its application. At the same time, with the development of materials science and other design fields, we should be good at discovering and utilizing new materials, so that landscape designers can find creative space from a broader perspective and make the design more colorful.
Weathering steel landscape wall is a common sketch in ancient Chinese garden architecture, its form is not stick to one pattern, the function is set according to the need, the material is rich and varied. In addition to the landscape wall which is used as barrier, leak and background in common gardens, landscape wall is regarded as an important way to build urban culture and improve the appearance of the city in many cities. Weathering steel is not only used in garden architecture, but also widely used in other fields, such as architecture, sculpture landscape, bridge, tower, park guardrail, etc.