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Weathering Steel Garden Landscape From Zherui Steel By Joyce

2020-08-26 09:08:10
In landscape design, we can often see a kind of material with a layer of rust-red material on the surface, which feels very rough and feels very special. It looks not abrupt, and even perfectly combines with plants. In the combination of roughness and delicacy, cold and warm, soft and hard, it condenses into a rich design context. Its name is weathering steel. As a new generation of advanced steel materials, weathering steel has outstanding visual expression and the longer it is used, the more prominent the corrosion resistance will be. The rough surface caused by rust makes the structure more bulk and mass. Weather-resistant steel plates are coated with a rust-red protective film to prevent corrosion from spreading inward and to develop the substrate below the rust layer to slow down its corrosion rate. So how does this protective coating form? The more commonly used is rust stabilization process.
The main stages are as follows:

The first stage: the genuine weathering steel begins to grow small rust spots, the rust spots of ordinary steel plate are relatively loose, some of the rust treatment is poor even appear rust.

The second stage: the genuine weathering steel has less rust water and smaller and thicker rust point; The rust water of the ordinary steel plate is more, the rust point is larger thin sparse; Ordinary steel plate rust column, tear marks are more serious, the bottom of the workpiece has black marks.
The third stage: the genuine weathering steel has a clear and dense rust core layer, and the rust points are closely adhered to form a protective layer, so that the rust can hardly be wiped off by hand. Ordinary steel plate rust more, even the whole piece of rust peeling, rust through. Genuine weathering steel is reddish-brown, ordinary steel plate is dark black color.
With the popularity of weathering steel, it has been widely used in urban buildings, providing designers with more creative space. With the aging of time, the unique color and texture of weathering steel, which is full of beauty, can reflect the unique artistic charm and provide another possibility for the architectural texture of the city. For example, in a garden landscape, weathering steel can be perfectly combined with plants in the landscape, in sharp contrast to the delicate plants. Its color lightness and saturation is higher than that of ordinary construction materials, so it is easy to stand out in the background of garden plants.