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Weathering Steel From Zherui Steel

2020-10-16 09:31:12
Also known as atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, this product is considered to be a cheap and efficient material for structural applications where atmospheric elements are exposed.
The steel oxidizes with pollutants in the air, forming a thick layer of rust -- a protective layer that prevents the steel from corroding. Over time, this layer regenerates and forms.
Weathering steel is therefore classified as "self-protected" steel. In normal use, the material does not require any painting or other external treatment.
Weathering steel can be used in a variety of structural applications. Due to the lack of maintenance cost, it is a common product in bridge construction. It is also popular in modern architecture, where aesthetically pleasing finishes are in great demand for sculptural buildings and decorative panels.
Zherui Steel offers a variety of weathering steels with the following advantages:
  1. Main inventory
  2. Global transport
  3. Various board widths
  4. Wide thickness range
  5. Quick turnaround
  6. Accurate "inside" cutting and profile analysis services
  7. High quality steel from major European mills
  8. Use for a long time, and the color becomes better.
  9. No painting
Weathering steel (commonly referred to as Cor - Ten) is a weathering steel that can more accurately be referred to as "atmospheric corrosion resistant steel".
It is a copper-chromium alloy steel - it is more resistant to macroclimate than other unalloyed steels. When exposed to elements, their chemical composition promotes the early formation of a protective coating of rust.
Aesthetically pleasing, this finish has been used by many well-known architects and has been earmarked for a variety of applications including architectural panels, architectural sculptures and Bridges.
Over time, Corten's protective layer grows and regenerates, responding to pollutants in the atmosphere. he thickness to be used should be considered, especially if the material is used for structural purposes and not only for decorative purposes.
The benefits are obvious: self-protecting steel is economical, durable and easy to recycle.
Corten A -- A weathering steel made of copper, chromium, and nickel. In addition, Corten A adds phosphorus, which makes the material most suitable for flue gas applications and aesthetic finishes. It is not recommended to use this material in heavy-duty applications - in this case, Corten B should be considered.
The top layer of the material reacts with atmospheric elements to form a rust-colored protective layer, which not only makes the steel almost maintenance-free, but also provides a satisfactory consistency of finish.