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Weathering Steel Curtain Wall-Landscape Sculpture Corroded Steel Plate

2021-04-27 14:47:35
Corroded steel plates refer to steel plates that are rusted. According to the different stages of rusting, it presents different colors and surface states. At the beginning of rusting, it will be yellow, and then as the rusting progresses, it will gradually show cash yellow, orange yellow, orange, orange red, reddish brown, and finally stabilized in reddish brown or brown.  
Weathering steel landscape sculptures make use of the plasticity and natural corrosiveness of rusted steel plates to give people a rusty feeling, making the work "rusty" color delicious. It has outstanding visual expression. Weathering steel plate serves as a guide and mark. Corroded steel plates will change over time.
Its color brightness and saturation are higher than those of ordinary building materials, so it is easy to stand out under the background of garden green plants. In addition, the rough surface produced by the corrosion of the steel plate makes the structure more volume and quality. This landscape has both appearance and climate adaptability, recyclable, not only full of artistic sense, but also familiar with the contemporary concepts of environmental protection and sustainability.  
Rusty steel plate is now widely used in various characteristic scenic spots, and the main characteristic of rusty steel plate is its corrosion resistance is the main reason why it is widely used. According to the introduction of rusty steel plate manufacturers, we can engrave all kinds of products on rusty steel plate. The pattern and color match greatly improve the ornamental quality of the corroded steel plate.