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WearTuf400 wear-resistant steel plate is more resistant to abrasion and low temperature

2020-01-15 10:11:13
Speaking of steel plates for construction sites, the first thing people think of is WearTuf400 wear-resistant steel plates. With excellent wear resistance, wear-resistant plates have successfully replaced traditional aluminum alloy wear-resistant plates, which is considered to be very wear-resistant at this stage. Raw materials. However, with the deepening of winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower. WearTuf400 wear-resistant steel plate is more wear-resistant and cold-resistant than ordinary wear-resistant plate. So what aspects should be paid attention to in the construction of winter wear-resistant steel plate? Let's learn together!
1. Generally embrittlement occurs at 0 °. For projects that cannot avoid transportation, loading and unloading, installation and construction under low temperature conditions, avoid choosing low-pressure thin-walled plates for steel plate selection, and use thick-walled materials with high pressure levels as much as possible. Plate to improve the safety factor; and WearTuf400 wear-resistant steel plate in the environment of minus 40 ℃ will not freeze the plate, it is worth everyone's consideration.
2. Strictly regulate the handling, transportation, loading, and unloading of WearTuf400 wear-resistant steel plates. There must be no throwing, falling, rolling, or dragging to prevent damage to the steel plates. Especially during the unloading process, it must be handled gently. After transportation to the construction site, the board must be properly protected to prevent the board from contacting and rubbing with sharp objects. Zh
3. The construction should be carried out above 5 ° as far as possible. The excavation of the plate trench should take into account the depth of the frozen soil. The steel plate must be buried below the frozen soil layer. The buried depth of the steel plate is generally below 1.2 to 1.5 meters. The outer diameter of the wear-resistant steel plate, and the width of the groove bottom is preferably the outer diameter of the plate plus 300 mm. For exposed boards, insulation measures shall be taken to prevent the boards from freezing and cracking, and no stepping materials shall be practiced during construction.
In order to ensure the construction quality of WearTuf400 wear-resistant steel plate, it is hoped that the construction workers should pay particular attention to the above aspects during construction.
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