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Improve Safety Awareness And Aattach Importance To Safety Management

2019-09-09 10:05:20
When I went to work this morning, the general manager of the company, Guo Zong, convened the purchasing department. The frontline staff held an emergency meeting of safety work in the conference room on the second floor of the company, and informed that yesterday afternoon, the National Highway No. 108 reconstruction project was completed in the erection of Hanjiang No. 2 Bridge. The accident and the traffic accident on the 108th section of Jixian County on the afternoon of the 17th, and the case of Hancheng’s previous safety accidents as a lesson, required to effectively improve safety awareness, open a pre-class safety meeting, and a security alarm bell; Good safety responsibility book, implement safety management responsibility; strengthen safety precautions, wear labor protection products, prohibit barbaric operations, and prevent unsafe accidents. A complete construction plan and safety precautions must be taken for any lifting operation. The construction equipment used in the construction, especially the various lifting equipment for rent, should be strictly inspected to prevent sickness. Do a good job in on-site operation and electricity management, especially at the critical moment of the rainy season to grab the construction period, the safety work must be "strict". Special operations must be certified. For areas where there are many dangerous sources and complicated construction environments, the police area and observation whistle must be set up. Eliminate unsafe accidents.