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Zherui Co., Ltd. Held A 2019 New Employee Symposium

2019-09-07 16:09:31
Yesterday, Zherui held a 2019 new employee symposium, and General Manager Guo Zhe of the Zherui Company exchanged cordially with the newly recruited employees to solve problems and help the new employees. In the three-hour exchange, the new employees were open-minded, talked about the feelings of entering the job in January and the future work plan, and frankly raised the confusion about the future, the company, and the development of the individual.
Mr. Guo seriously answered the questions raised by the new employees, and combined his work experience, he shared his heartfelt experience from academic to professional. From school to business, from students to employees, how to turn good and get better is the key. It is necessary to establish lofty ambitions and ambitions, enhance sense of responsibility and mission, enhance the ability to defeat difficulties, resist temptations, and resist dullness. Always adhere to the original heart, adhere to the true colors, down-to-earth, and strive for excellence. We must go to the grassroots level and the front line to receive tempering, learn from practice, learn from the masses, and open our eyes and improve ourselves. Be diligent in thinking, be good at grasping the key points of work, and grasp the law of the development of things. It is necessary to improve the ability to resist frustration, and to face all kinds of difficulties correctly with a good attitude of perseverance and frustration.