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Wear-resistant steel plate analysis

2019-10-12 15:33:17
Thermal power plant: the cylinder liner of the medium speed coal mill, the casing of the fan impeller, the inlet flue of the dust collector, the ash slag duct, the liner of the bucket turbine, the connecting pipe of the separator, the liner of the coal pulverizer, The lining of the coal hopper and crusher, the burner of the burner, the lining of the coal hopper and the funnel, the support tile of the air preheater, and the guide vane of the separator. The steels used in the above machines can be used with NM400, NM450 or even high material requirements and higher NM500 and NM600.
Coal yard: lining of feed trough and funnel, bushing of hopper, blade of fan, bottom plate of pusher, lining dust collector, liner of coke guide, lining of ball mill, drill stabilizer, screw feeder The bell and its base, the inner lining of the kneading bucket, the annular feeder, and the bottom of the dump truck. Because the plate is to be used in the coal field, there are certain requirements for the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the steel plate. In addition, the use environment of the coal yard is relatively complicated, and this requires relatively good resistance. Grinding plates NM500 and NM600.
Loading machinery: unloading mill chain plate, hopper liner, grab blade, automatic dump truck tipping board, dump truck body. This requires wear-resistant steel plates with extremely high wear resistance and hardness. It is recommended to use wear-resistant steel plates with NM500 and NM600 thicknesses of 25-45MM.