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Watch The Production Line Process Of NM360 Wear Resistant Steel Sheet

2019-09-27 14:46:03
Today, the boss took the new salesman to the factory to understand the production process of NM360 wear resistant steel sheet and the classification of other steel plates. I hope that I can help them in the next work.
First of all, if you want to produce NM360 wear resistant steel sheet, look at the rolling mill first. The rolling state of the rolling mill can be divided into a hot-rolled steel sheet process and a cold-rolled steel sheet. The slab of the NM360 wear resistant steel sheet is transported into the slab warehouse by the continuous casting or the rolling mill, and is removed by the crane and stored in the warehouse. The slab is suspended from the crane to the track.
The slab of the NM360 wear resistant steel sheet is then transferred to the furnace for heating into the furnace. The heating furnace is of two types, continuous or flat, and the heated plate is transported from the output rail to the vertical scaler to remove the primary scale. Then enter the first and second two-roller roughing mill, roll three or five passes back and forth, and then enter the third and fourth four-roller roughing mill for continuous rolling and rolling.
NM360 wear resistant steel sheet rolling process with high-pressure water to remove iron oxide scale, the general thickness is rolled to 20 ~ 40mm, after the fourth roughing mill for thickness measurement, width measurement and temperature measurement. Thereafter, it is sent to the finishing mill by the roller conveyor, first by the flying shearing head (and also by tail cutting), and then through the four-roll finishing mill for continuous rolling.
After continuous rolling, the steel strip is cooled by laminar flow into an underground coiler and rolled into a hot rolled steel coil, and the rolling process is completed. Subsequently, it was sent to the cold rolling mill, silicon steel sheet and the finishing system of the factory according to the different uses of the coil. NM360 wear resistant steel sheet engineering finishing is to correct shape, improve mechanical properties and improve surface shape. There are generally five processing lines, three of which are transverse processing lines, one slitting processing line, one hot flat processing line, and fine After the whole processing, the products are packaged and put into storage. The entire rolling process of the NM360 wear resistant steel sheet line is fully automated, very convenient and more standardized.