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Visit Corten B Weathering Steel Art Building

2019-09-30 10:39:13
Weathering steel is already very common in our lives. It can be dressed as a beautiful poetic wall and can be a unique home view. Of course, in the hands of designers, they can have more amazing ways to play!
Today I went to visit some of Corten B's weather-resistant steel art buildings with my boss. Walk to the Corten B weathering steel art building.
There is a sense of sensation in the face, and the weathering steel feels very rough, but the texture is very special. The building uses Corten B weathering steel to wrap the outer skin, including walls, floors, stairs, platform walkways, and more.
At the same time, because of its texture and color, Corten B weathering steel is associated with time and has a strong visual impact. It is often used as a specific cultural symbol or an expression of a history-related theme. After the visit, I was very impressed.