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This is how medium and thick plates come from

2020-04-17 09:54:48
As a practitioner in the steel market, you may deal with medium and heavy plates every day. Do you know how medium and heavy plates come from? Zherui Steel takes you to watch the production process of plate.
The production process of medium and heavy plates is usually coordinated with controlled rolling, and the heating system with low temperature furnace is adopted to save fuel consumption. The rolling process is divided into three stages, let us look at it below.
Forming rolling eliminates the influence of the slab surface and improves the accuracy of the width control, and performs 1 to 4 passes along the length or diagonal direction of the slab. Roll the billet to the required thickness. Broadening rolling is an important process for rolling medium and heavy plates unlike other types of plates. In order to achieve the width required by the rolled product specification, the slab is turned 90 °and rolled along the width of the slab.
After finishing rolling, after widening rolling, turn 90 °, turn back to the original billet length direction, and roll to the thickness of finished plate. Properly formulating the rolling process of medium and heavy plate can improve the production capacity of the rolling mill, the quality of the steel plate and the yield rate. To ensure the flatness of the steel plate, in addition to various measures to ensure the shape of the plate, each steel plate with a thickness of less than 40mm needs to be straightened by heat, and cold straightened cold steel plates that are not straight. For cold-shearing the finished board, the steel plate should be cooled to below 150, the cooling should be uniform, and the cooling speed should be suitable; since the shearing by the roll-cut shear is basically solved, the problem of shear bending defects is basically solved; adjusting the cutting edge clearance can greatly improve The quality of the shear section of the steel plate. According to the quality requirements of the steel plate, ultrasonic testing is used to detect flaws at different depths, and the four edges of the welded pipe plate must be fully inspected.
In addition to ensuring the mechanical properties of the board during heat treatment, it is also necessary to ensure that the board shape is good. The shot blasting coating method is mostly used for the production of shipbuilding and bridge boards. After the shot blasting removes the iron oxide skin, it is coated again to prevent rust. It should be dried quickly after coating. The inspection of the surface size and shape of the steel plate is mainly carried out manually. The printing and marking process has been mechanized and can be controlled by the computer.
Have you understood the production process of the plate? If you have any questions about the plate, please contact Zherui Steel!