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The steel plate cutting master tells you that this 4-point steel cutting method will be a little bit

2019-10-28 16:25:55
As a steel plate cutting practitioner, it is absolutely necessary to complete your own work with high quality. The steel cutting methods used in our daily work are various, mainly divided into cold cutting and hot cutting. Different steel plate cutting methods can be selected depending on the thickness of the steel sheet. The following is a detailed description of how the cutting of the steel plate thickness should be different.
When the thickness of the steel plate is different, what kind of steel plate cutting method is selected is very particular. For example, when cutting a regular thin steel plate such as a rectangle or a triangle, the shearing machine can be selected, which is not only fast, but also has a guaranteed quality and a low cost. In addition to the shearing machine cutting, the common method of cutting steel plates is not expensive, and the operation is more flexible and free, and steel plates of different shapes can be cut. However, when cutting a steel sheet, it is easy to cause deformation, and the variety of cutting materials is limited, and the technical requirements are relatively higher.
The cost of laser cutting is relatively high, because the cost of a laser cutting device is higher than other devices, so the cost will be relatively improved. However, the precision of laser cutting is very high, which can meet the needs of customers with high precision requirements. In the case of oxygen addition, laser cutting can satisfy a steel plate having a thickness of 20 mm.
The water jet cutting method is different from the cutting method of the above steel sheet in the cutting environment. The cutting range is wide, the precision is high, it is not easy to be deformed, and the environment is environmentally friendly, but the speed is slow and the energy consumption is large, and we can decide according to the situation.
At present, the demand for steel plate market is declining, and the demand for steel plate cutting is also affected. As an excellent steel plate cutting master, it is not affected by the outside world. Every steel plate cutting task is taken seriously, and different steel plate cutting methods are used in response to different user needs. It is worthy of our affirmation and learning.