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The Role Of HARDOX400 Wear-Resistant Steel Plate In The Industry

2019-09-30 10:33:20
Today, the colleagues in the Purchasing Department explained the role of the wear-resistant steel plate to the new employees. HARDOX400 wear-resistant steel plate is made of ordinary steel plate as the substrate and has a wear-resistant layer on the surface, which not only ensures the impact performance of the substrate, but also when the wear-resistant layer composed of metal elements such as chrome-nickel is combined with it. Both hardness and wear resistance have been greatly improved.
To understand a little easier, HARDOX400 wear-resistant steel plate is a plate that is welded on the ordinary steel plate by automatic surfacing equipment. Such HARDOX400 wear-resistant steel plate has the characteristics of easy replacement, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and super wear resistance. In the environment with severe wear resistance, wear parts should be used in places with severe wear.
It is precisely because of these excellent characteristics of HARDOX400 wear-resistant steel plate that it not only reduces the maintenance time of machinery, but also increases the waste of labor, resources, etc., and reduces the operating cost of the enterprise. Therefore, it is widely used mainly in mines, cement, coal-fired power, Steel, wind turbines and other areas with severe wear and tear.
In the power industry, HARDOX400 wear-resistant steel plate can be used not only for coal mills, coal feed tanks, feed pipe grooves, transition pipes, coal feed funnels, but also for transfer chutes, feed pipes, separator cones, and diversion Boards and other components play a good role, which is of great significance.