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The narrow road meets the brave winners - the king won the hegemony in 2019

2019-11-04 14:40:10
When the narrow road meets, the brave wins, the brave meets, the tyrant wins, the tyrant meets, and the king wins. In 2019, the performance of the PK competition, the personnel of various departments for two consecutive months of PK combat, all the way to the thorns, invincible, played a strong fighting spirit of Zherui people.
On August 30th, the launching ceremony of the pk wars of Henan Zherui Zteel Trading Co., Ltd. , Jianye Company and Tendeli Company began. After two months of hard work and hard work, everyone is very good. At 10.31, we held the end of the pk war at the beginning. This does not mean the end, because this is a new beginning. All sales elites such as Henan Zherui Zteel Trading Co., Ltd. gathered together to sum up experience, share results, and encourage each other.
In the warm applause, the heads of the three companies summarized the achievements of the company's PK, and also thanked the company for their support and contribution to the company. We have reviewed the past, the moment of the next essay, the lucky one who smashed the big turntable, and worked hard on overtime...
Subsequently, the sales team’s PK results are appeared on the big screen, the vanguard team was far ahead, and won the honorary title of "excellent team". The vanguard team that won the honorary title of "Excellent Team" not only can get the extra bonus prizes and other rewards specially issued by PK funds and companies, so that other colleagues present at the same time are more envious of gas and fighting spirits.
The next step is to follow the company's PK incentive system, first to complete the sales amount of one million, get the "million hero" title, and permanently board the company's Hall of Fame. Then the employee's personal PK wins and wins, rewards the scene to cash, the awards are awarded one by one, the atmosphere once climax, applause continued.
With the laughter and heavy harvest, Zherui and two other companies' sales summary meeting and sales PK final meeting ended successfully.
The person in charge of Zherui said that the reason why the company can be strong is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of every Zherui person present here. It is also inseparable from all the industry experts, dealers and users who support and care about the company. With everyone's support, Zherui Steel will not live up to expectations, create new achievements, and become a benchmark in the global steel industry!