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The disadvantages of low gas pressure in gas steam boilers

2019-10-22 09:02:20
The boiler can be divided into an atmospheric hot water boiler, a pressurized hot water boiler and a steam boiler according to the pressure, and the latter two are under pressure. Low air pressure. It is beneficial to the pressure-bearing parts in the boiler, which is not conducive to the damage of the pressure-bearing parts, and the energy consumption is correspondingly low, but the steam quality produced by the boiler will be poor, and moderately large, it is difficult to disinfect and heat, etc. Related needs.
The air pressure is high. The energy consumed by the boiler is also high, the corresponding pressure-bearing parts are prone to damage, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. When the gas-fired steam boiler is operated under high pressure, the salt in the boiler water will increase, which will directly Affecting the blockage of the pipeline may cause a safety accident of the boiler explosion.
For gas-fired steam boilers, the higher the pressure or the higher the pressure, the better. We have to operate the gas steam boiler safely according to our actual situation!