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The company held a forum for "being a new era of youth, building new industries in the city&quo

2019-06-19 15:41:48
In order to build a bridge between young employees and company leaders, and better listen to the true voice of young staff, on June 11, the company’s Youth League Committee organized a meeting of leaders and youths in the face of “New Youth in the Times” . Mr. Guo, the person in charge of the company, and the heads of relevant departments attended the meeting and interacted with more than 30 youth representatives to answer questions. At the meeting, 16 outstanding young representatives from the unit spoke successively, respectively telling about the individual's struggle and growth experience, combining the practical exchange of ideas and the experience, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions. The person in charge listened carefully and spoke highly of the lofty ambition, youthful energy and enthusiasm of the people.