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The carbon steel plate weld size does not meet the specification requirements

2019-10-16 15:46:42
Today, let's talk about some weld problems in the welding of carbon steel plates. The height of the weld in the weld of the carbon steel plate is too large or too small during the inspection; or the width of the weld is too wide or too narrow, and the transition between the weld and the base metal is not smooth, the surface is rough, the weld is vertical, The laterality is not neat, and the amount of undercut of the weld at the fillet weld is too large. The reason for this is that the straightness of the bevel groove processing is poor, the angle of the groove is not appropriate, or the size of the assembly gap is not uniform.
If the current is too large in the welding, the welding rod is melted too fast, the welding seam is difficult to be formed, and the current is too small. When the arc is welded, the welding rod will cause a "bonding phenomenon", resulting in impervious welding or welding. Welders are not skilled enough to operate, the method of transport is improper, such as too fast or too slow, and the angle of the electrode is not correct. Automatic submerged arc welding process, improper selection of welding process parameters.
If the control measures are taken, the weld bevels shall be machined according to the design requirements and welding specifications. Mechanical processing shall be used as far as possible to ensure the straightness of the groove angle and the edge of the groove and the straightness of the edge of the groove to avoid the requirement of artificial gas cutting and manual shovel. Cut the groove. In the group pairing, the weld gap is ensured to be uniform, which lays a foundation for ensuring the welding quality. The welding process qualification is used to select the appropriate welding process parameters.
The last layer of welds on the welded surface of the multi-layer weld is to be welded with a small diameter (φ2.0mm~3.0mm) under the condition of ensuring fusion with the bottom layer. The speed of the transport bar is uniform, and it is propelled in a rhythmical manner in the longitudinal direction, and a lateral swing of a certain width can make the surface of the weld be neat and beautiful.