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The Artistic Beauty Of Corten Steel And Corten Steel Project

2020-08-25 11:02:35
We often use a unique rust color material in the landscape, its color and texture is very strong, cold appearance and the surrounding environment integration to present a kind of industrial and modern art beauty, it is weathering steel, also known as Corten steel. What makes it special is that, when exposed to nature, over time, the surface forms a protective coating that resists corrosion without the need for paint, and the material has a life of over 80 years.
Corten steel has a lot of points, such as the following points green no initial coating (in severe air pollution or not particularly wet areas);Can reduce the use of fire retardant coating and fire retardant coating, so as to reduce pollution, shorten the construction period, reduce costs and reduce maintenance, is a "green environmental protection", sustainable development of economic steel. It can trace the historical sense of the site, the instantaneous sense of recording time, extend the vitality of the site, and make the limited materials reflect its artistic beauty Besides, Corten steel can be recycled, very low carbon environmental protection.
I don't think most of the clients should understand the properties of the Corten steel, but it's not the client get its hands on a rusty steel is iron red rust, rust steel initially and ordinary steel color roughly the same, just a rusty steel plate under the action of climate, form a protective film, not to rust, so as to show a retro rust effect. Corten steel forms a stable, uniform color thickness, rust red oxide film is not easy to be wiped off, in the outdoor temperature of 20 degrees Celsius environment, it generally takes 2-5 days to complete the rust treatment process.
Corten steel body shaping capability is strong, and rust red Corten steel plate will change with time, its colour is affected by the environment, climate change is bigger, placed a long time after easily from the bright reddish-brown to deep dark red brown, dating sites of history, recording time of instant feeling, to extend the vitality of site, let the limited material reflects the beauty of it. So Corten Steel is loved by designers for its unique qualities.Email: joyce@zheruisteel.com, Tel: +86 0372 5363205