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Problems and technical analysis during the processing of carbon steel plates

2019-10-24 15:36:43
The carbon steel plate is also one of the most commonly used steel plates, but although it is widely used, there are still many problems to be addressed in the processing of carbon steel plates. For example, why should we polish the carbon steel plate before cutting? Before the steel plate processing and cutting, what kind of machine is better and so on, etc. Let us analyze these common problems and popularize them for everyone. Which cutting machine is better in the processing of carbon steel sheets?
First of all, this problem is determined by the condition of the carbon steel plate. If the carbon plate is relatively thin, the accuracy of the steel plate will be high if the plasma cutting machine is used. However, the thickness of the carbon steel plate is not recommended, but it can be used. Flame cutting machine.
The flame cutting machine can cut a relatively thick steel plate and deform it. It is known that the flame cutting machine makes the carbon steel plate hot and then cut, so the thin carbon steel plate will definitely be deformed using a flame cutter.