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Talking about the daily antirust and derusting work of steel plates

2020-04-08 17:06:32
Although steel plates are ordinary and common steel materials, many people still think that steel plates with simple structure have no technical content in terms of production or processing. In fact, this is a wrong state of mind. Any complex and powerful thing contains a solid, humble foundation. Although the steel plate has a simple structure, it is also indispensable when building an aircraft carrier. Good steel plates are not easy to make.  This is especially true in steel plate processing. There are great skills when using a CNC cutting machine for hot plate cutting. Veteran workers with decades of operating experience in Zherui Steel Plate Factory will explain the precautions in this regard.
After the steel plate is produced from the original factory, it will go through a series of transportation and storage links on the way, and then it will be delivered to the processing workshop. During this time, the surface of the steel plate is in continuous contact with the air, which will inevitably produce a layer of oxide scale. These scales are a hurdle in the process.  It has a high melting point, is not easy to burn and melt, increases the preheating time, and reduces the cutting speed.  At the same time, after heating, the oxide scale will splash around, which will easily block the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine and reduce the service life of the cutting machine. Therefore, the surface of the steel plate must be derusted and pretreated before cutting.
The commonly used methods of rust prevention and rust removal are shot blasting and paint spraying. That is, small iron sand is sprayed on the surface of the steel plate by a shot blasting machine. The impact of the iron sand on the steel plate is used to remove the oxide scale, and then sprayed with a flame retardant and good conductivity antirust paint. With these simple preparations in hand, you can "cut everything with nothing but the Dongfeng" and rest assured.
No matter what you do, you can proceed quickly and smoothly only if you are fully prepared in advance.  Before the steel plate is cut, the pre-treatment of the rust-removing and spray-painting of the oxide layer is often ignored by some non-standard small and medium manufacturers.
Zherui Steel has many years of experience in sales and cutting of steel plates and steel plates. If you need, please contact our online customer service, we believe: with your suggestions and help, we will do better.