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Shaving weathering steel sheet processing

2019-10-09 14:48:54
Today, I learned from the colleagues in the purchasing department about the processing of shaving weathering steel. The shaving weathering steel sheet is harder than ordinary steel sheets, so the current shaving weathering steel sheet processing can have a relatively long usability. Now in this industry, domestic shaving weathering steel sheet processing has occupied a large market. Because they are all processed by shaving weather-resistant steel sheets, the processing of imported shaving weather-resistant steel sheets has also made concessions on the price. The main reason why the shaving weathering steel plate processing can make such a good concession this time is because there are too many manufacturers on the market and the competition is very fierce. Therefore, the processing of shaving weathered steel sheets will have such a large concession. The domestic machinery manufacturing market has a great demand for processing of shaving weathering steel sheets.
Because of the high surface hardness of the shaving weather-resistant steel sheet, they are structural steel sheets suitable for the processing and manufacturing of wear-resistant parts for mining and various construction machinery. This is a processing of wood shaving weathering steel. - The first letter of the Pinyin of the "wear-resistant" and "abrasive" characters representing wear-resistant uses is the Brinell hardness value HB value.