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Serviced steel sheet supplier

2020-02-13 11:08:39
In 2020, China's economy is under severe downward pressure, and the steel plate market is still grim. In 2019, the steel plate market will fluctuate, and the market will be affected by many uncertain factors. It will become more difficult for steel traders to operate. Looking at next week, the macro focus will be on the signing of the first phase of the China-US trade agreement. The capital market is expected to be boosted for a short period of time, but there is little room for it to have a limited impact on the spot market.
From the perspective of supply and demand, as some steel mills have room for further decline in production suspension and maintenance, downstream construction sites will be completely shut down, transactions will be light, and traders will be on vacation. The weak supply and demand pattern will bring steel prices into a narrow adjustment phase. It is expected that the accumulation warehouse will continue next week, and it is difficult for steel prices to make a big breakthrough, and the overall situation is in a weak and volatile situation.
In the face of the ever-changing market situation of steel plates, steel traders must determine their market positioning, expand their business scope, and change their business ideas in a timely manner to change to a service-oriented steel supplier.
Zherui Steel is a steel plate supplier integrating sales, processing and distribution. The steel plate market in Henan is still relatively large, especially after the leaders of Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Hangzhou were transferred to Henan. Henan's strategic position is becoming more and more obvious, and the natural steel plate market in Henan is getting better and better.
Henan Zherui Steel Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Anyang, one of the eight ancient capitals of China. If you do not have the right options for the steel plate market now, you may wish to consult with Zherui Steel. Zherui Steel has been focusing on the quality steel plate trade processing for decades, and it is a one-stop operation. It integrates sales, processing, distribution, and storage on behalf of one.