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Sealing principle of A516 Gr.70 pressure vessel flange

2019-10-15 14:51:59
A516 Gr.70 pressure vessel flange is a common component of pressure vessels and is the basic component for connecting various pressure vessel components. It is widely used in petrochemical, electric power, atomic energy, light industry and other industrial fields. For a container, the flange should be a component, including flanges, gaskets and attachment bolts or studs, and nuts that act to combine the different pressure components while ensuring that the joint does not leak. The main failure mode of the flange connection is the failure of the joint stiffness and its external appearance is leakage.
The medium inside A516 Gr.70 pressure vessel has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure, and has flammable and explosive characteristics or toxicity. Once a leak occurs, serious secondary disaster will occur, which will seriously threaten the pressure vessel body and surrounding equipment and personnel. Security. Therefore, the priority factor in the design and selection of the container flange is the overall sealing performance.