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Ruixue zhaofeng steel market snow boundless

2020-01-15 11:37:03
Hot-rolled steel sheet is one of the hottest steels because of its high strength, good toughness, easy processing, forming, and good weldability. Among them, hot-rolled steel sheet is one of the hottest steels because of its good toughness, high strength and easy processing.
Widely used in petrochemical equipment, automobile industry, agricultural vehicle industry, shipbuilding industry, iron tower industry, metal stamping parts, transportation facilities industry, wheel manufacturing, pressure vessels, boilers, steel plants, cranes, environmental protection machinery, textile machinery, containers, safes, Dedusting equipment, fire fighting equipment, fitness equipment, wire mesh factory, automobile brake pads, agricultural and animal husbandry machinery, etc.
For example, the structural steel required by the automotive industry and the construction industry, hot rolled coils have contributed a great deal. Winter is coming. Has your heating been arranged? In fact, one of the main application fields of hot-rolled coil is oil and gas pipelines. It is indispensable to warm as spring in northern winter.
In addition, there is also a recent hot sea pianist re-released, did you go to the cinema to check in? Huge coils are found on the hull and deck of the huge luxury cruise ship. Have you noticed?
Zherui Steel has been engaged in sales and cutting of steel plates such as corten steel plate, marine steel plate, WearTuf400 wear-resistant steel plate, and has rich experience. If you have steel plate requirements, you are welcome to inquire. We believe: With your suggestions and help, we will do better.