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Research on ultra high strength steel and high strength steel

2019-10-11 14:06:52
First of all, let's first understand the low-alloy ultra-high-strength steel, which can be used in different grades according to the use, to meet different degrees of purity and plastic toughness requirements. Its application range is: high-pressure containers, bulletproof materials, armor materials, important structural parts and important components such as the petrochemical industry. It can also be applied to the manufacture of large-scale structurally stressed structural parts, such as excavators.
High-alloy ultra-high-strength steel has the characteristics of ultra-high strength and super high toughness. For example, 16Co14Ni10Cr2MoE steel can be used to manufacture shaft parts and large bolt parts. There is also an ultra-high strength bulletproof steel plate for bulletproof vests, helmets and cash trucks. The anti-elasticity is domestically leading, and its characteristics are good stability.