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In order to meet the July 1, the company opened a red tour

2019-06-19 15:41:48
On the eve of July 1st, the head of Zherei Company and the staff of relevant departments launched an extraordinary red journey to review the glorious history of the Communist Party of China in the past 98 years and to encourage the staff to firm their beliefs in loving the Party and their ideals and beliefs. The Red Tour is an important base for patriotism education and Party spirit education through the West Henan Anti-Japanese Base Area near Xiaoshan Line in Gongyi City and the Memorial Hall of Henan Anti-Japanese Base Area in Dengfeng City, including the 27th Memorial Hall and the old site of the 7th Military Division Command of Taihang Military Area. Every moving story, every object that witnesses history, and the people who went there, all experienced the baptism of spirit.