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Why can the Q345qC weathering plate be used on the bridge?

2019-10-20 17:00:49
We can see weathering steel in many places, and we can see it on the bridge. So why can this steel plate be used on the bridge? Let's take a look.
Q345qC weathering steel plate has corrosion resistance: many bridges are designed to be close to the water surface, and some even cross-sea bridges, whether it is sea water or river water, there will be some high tide phenomenon, thus flooding the bridge deck, the material of the bridge There are high requirements. If ordinary steel is used, rust will occur soon, and the application of weathering steel in bridge engineering can effectively reduce these corrosion phenomena and make the bridge construction more solid.
Q345qC weathering plate is beautiful: the weathering steel plate will naturally rust after a certain period of use. The color of the rust can change with time. This color element is added to the design of many buildings to achieve heavy weight. The effect of the bridge project is the use of weather-resistant steel plates, which invisibly add a layer of heavy texture to the bridge.