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Q345NH Weathering Steel Plate Cutting Method

2019-10-09 14:46:12
Today's morning meeting told us about the cutting method of Q345NH weathering steel plate. Weather-resistant steel plates play a huge role in the construction of a wide range of landscapes, especially in parks, green spaces, and related greening industries, and are used by the garden industry on a large scale. However, when constructing gardens, many open spaces and related construction industries require a wide range of weather-resistant steel sheets.
Sometimes it is necessary to cut and cut the weathering steel plate to achieve good results. Because Q345NH weathering steel plate has better durability and is more solid, it will take time, money and money to cut. Then we will study the cutting problem of some weathering steel sheets today.
It is better to cut the Q345NH weathering steel plate as a cutting machine, and more preferably an ion cutting machine. With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the requirements for the quality and precision of cutting are continuously improved, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production cost, and having high intelligent automatic cutting function are also increasing. The development of CNC cutting machines must adapt to the requirements of the development of modern machinery processing industry. Cutting machines are divided into flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, water cutting and the like. The laser cutting machine is the fastest, the cutting precision is high, and the cutting thickness is generally small. The plasma cutting machine also cuts quickly, and the cutting surface has a certain slope. The flame cutter is designed for carbon steel with a large thickness.