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Precautions for welding of carbon steel plate

2020-04-15 15:47:31
Among many metal materials, the weldability of carbon steel plate is relatively good. The welding parameter range is wide. In the commonly used thickness range (0.5-3.0mm), no special measures are generally required. A one-way power frequency AC power supply is used. Can achieve satisfactory welding results.
So what spot welding machine can be used to weld low carbon steel to produce high quality product workpieces? Are there any precautions for carbon steel plate welding? Today, we will briefly introduce the relevant knowledge of carbon steel plate welding for everyone.
So what do we need to pay attention to when welding carbon steel plate? Because the carbon steel plate has good welding performance, when the plate is not thick and the welding requirements are not too high, the AC spot welding machine can be used to meet the welding requirements. If the equipment cost permits, try to use the intermediate frequency inverter spot welder to spot weld the low carbon steel plate, the welding effect is better, and the nugget and welding spot will be more perfect.
Then the carbon steel plate includes cold-rolled steel plate and hot-rolled steel plate. The cold-rolled steel plate does not need special cleaning before welding, and the hot-rolled steel plate must remove impurities such as oxide layer, rust and oil on the surface. If the capacity of the spot welder used is allowed, Sunal still recommends using hard gauge welding to reduce the effect of heat diffusion on the product, while also reducing product deformation.
The above has been explained from the two aspects of spot welding machine selection of carbon steel plate welding and welding process of carbon steel plate. I believe that everyone will know some relevant knowledge of spot welding of carbon steel plate. We still need to master a better welding method and understand the welding process of carbon steel plates, and our work will be more effective.
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