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Popular Grade NM600 Wear Resistant Steel Sheet

2019-09-28 13:50:53
I saw some information about wear resistant steel sheet in the book today. Let me give you some science. NM600 wear resistant steel sheet has a variety of heat treatment processes and is suitable for different ranges.
For example, direct quenching and low temperature tempering can not refine the grain of steel, and the workpiece has large quenching deformation. The surface of the wear resistant steel sheet has more retained austenite and lower surface hardness. : It is easy to operate and low cost. It is used to process parts with deformation and impact load, suitable for gas carburizing and liquid carburizing.
NM360 Wear resistant steel sheet pre-cooling direct quenching, low temperature tempering, quenching temperature 800-850 ° C, can reduce the workpiece quenching deformation, the amount of retained austenite in the layer can also be slightly reduced, NM600 wear resistant steel sheet surface hardness is slightly improved However, there is no change in austenite grains. Widely used in a variety of tools made of fine grain steel.