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Partial solar eclipse, I'm partial to you, Zherui Steel is waiting for you

2020-02-06 13:47:17
Recently, I sometimes remember the last astronomical wonder of 2019.  Today, the vast universe will stage the celestial eclipse, which is what we often call the "Tengu Food Day" astronomical landscape.  When the sun, the moon, and the earth are in a straight line, and the moon is between them, an eclipse will appear in the sky.  The solar eclipse includes three phenomena: total solar eclipse, circular eclipse and partial solar eclipse.
 When the moon completely blocks the sun, it is a total solar eclipse.  If the moon is farther from the earth on that day, the sun is closer to the earth, and the apparent circular surface of the moon is smaller and cannot completely cover the sun, a solar eclipse will appear.  When the solar eclipse occurs, the sun in the sky seems to become a ring, and it is also a "big ring" with glitter.
 I wonder when will Xiaobian wait for his own "big ring"?  Instead of waiting for me in the middle of a crowd of people who did n’t know that I was born, a “big ring” was waiting for my big customer in Zherui Steel!  If you haven't found your favorite carbon steel plate, medium plate, weathering steel plate, marine steel plate, WearTuf400 and so on.  Then you must come to Zherui Steel to have a look.  Even if there is no spectacle of the "big ring" of the solar eclipse, we have tons of tons of steel plates with full specifications waiting for you.
 Warm reminder from Zherui Steel: Pay attention to the following four issues when observing the eclipse.
 1. Do not observe directly with the naked eye.  Please wear a special solar observation filter.
 2. Don't look at the reflection in the pond to see the eclipse.
 3. Do not use optical discs. Color negatives are used as filters.
 4. During a partial solar eclipse, it is very dangerous to observe directly with the camera with a telescope!