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A manufacturer specializing in NM500 wear-resistant steel plate

2019-10-22 16:27:31
Wear-resistant steel plate, main features high hardness, good wear resistance, used in the manufacture of high-strength mechanical equipment, generally like forklifts, excavators, bulldozers. It has higher wear resistance requirements, hardness is strong, wear-resistant steel is the best In addition, the use of wear-resistant steel is widely used in mechanical high-strength mechanical parts, and automobile manufacturers generally purchase wear-resistant plates to make the bottom plate of the car.
The wear resistance is beneficial to protect the bottom parts of the car, which is good for highlighting the off-road performance of the car. It protects the chassis of the car very well. The model of the wear plate is different. Its mechanical strength grade is different, like the wear resistance of NM360 wear-resistant steel plate. And the hardness is far less than the NM500 wear-resistant steel plate.
The strength level of NM500 is relatively high, which is equivalent to the hardness of 65 manganese steel plate after heat treatment. The only difference is that 65 manganese steel plate has toughness after hot quenching, and elasticity is unreachable for wear plates.