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Medium and thick steel plate cutting manufacturers to tell you the plate processing steps

2019-11-04 09:32:02
For the processing of medium-thick steel plates, many people can only understand his meaning from the name, but what tools are needed in the process of medium-thick steel plate processing, how much cost is needed, and what is the medium-thick steel plate processing? Do you really know?
First, the processing of medium and thick steel plate is steel processing?
Medium-thick steel plate processing belongs to steel processing, because medium-thick steel plate is one of steel materials, so this conclusion can be drawn.
There are many kinds of steel, but in general, it can be divided into four categories: profiles, plates, pipes and metal products. Medium-thick steel plates are one of the types of plates. As for the processing of steel, the steel is plastically deformed by pressure processing to obtain the desired shape and size. There are two main types of processing methods: cold working and hot working.
Second, in the medium-thick steel plate cutting, if the medium-thick steel plate is used for flame cutting, how many parts are included in the cost?
In the flame cutting process of the sheet, if the processing cost is to be calculated, it should include fuel cost, equipment cost, site cost and labor cost. In addition, these four are indispensable. Otherwise, the cost calculation will be inaccurate.
3. What are the main processing steps for cold-rolled medium-thick steel plates in medium-thick steel plate processing?
In the processing of medium-thick steel plates, if it is a cold-rolled plate, the specific processing steps mainly include pickling, cold rolling, cleaning, annealing, and leveling. In addition, if there is a requirement for appearance or surface properties, it is also possible to meet the requirements of galvanizing, tin plating, and spray painting.
In the processing of plate, it includes two specific aspects of plate cutting and plate processing. Therefore, in order to let everyone have an in-depth and specific understanding, and not to miss any of the knowledge points, etc., Zherui Steel will Constantly explain the knowledge related to the cutting process of medium-thick steel plates.