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Material processing method of NM500 wear-resistant steel plate

2019-10-23 17:12:26
NM500 wear-resistant steel plate is a kind of high-density polyethylene sheet with elemental boron reinforcement, and its performance is constantly improving. The ultra-high performance of NM500 wear-resistant steel plate and its unique processing method are inseparable. So what are the main processing methods for NM500 wear plates? Let's explain them in detail.
As a professional manufacturer, it is a high-density material that we use in the selection of materials in terms of wear resistance, and is processed through special processing techniques. Wear resistance is 4 times higher than nylon 66 and PTFE, and 6 times higher than carbon steel. Different catalysts are used to produce custom specialty polymer. These variables combine to produce NM500 wear-resistant steel plates for different applications, achieving the best balance in performance.
In addition, the NM500 wear-resistant steel plate produced by our company can be designed as a joint structure for installation in various environmental conditions. Can be customized according to user requirements, easy to install and repair. For example, the application of hoppers, chutes in the coal wells with operating conditions, and the supply funnels in the metallurgical industry can completely solve the difficult problem of adhesive bonding and blocking in the transportation process, and achieve safe and efficient normal production.