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Introduction To WearTuf From Zherui Steel

2021-03-17 14:13:11
WearTuf 400 is a full-Martensitic wear-resisting steel plate after quenching or quenching and tempering, with an average brinell hardness of 400. WearTuf 400 wear-resistant steel plate has good wear resistance, weldability and cold forming performance.Due to its high impact toughness, the steel plate has good crack resistance in the process of manufacture and use.
WearTuf400 basic requirements
WearTuf 400 wear-resistant steel plate is available for thickness range of 4.0-50.0mm.Depending on the thickness of the steel plate, the width can be up to 3100mm and the length can be up to 18000mm.
2. Delivery status
WearTuf 400 can be delivered with quenching (Q) or quenching + tempering (QT).
3. The tolerance
WearTuf 400 wear-resisting steel thickness tolerance meets and is superior to standard EN10029 Class A.The shape, length and width tolerances of steel plates meet the requirements of standard EN10029.Flatness tolerance meets and exceeds the requirement of standard EN10029 Class S.
4. Surface quality
The surface quality of the delivered steel plate meets and is superior to the requirements of EN 10163-2 Class A and Subclass 3.The delivery steel plate shall be spray-painted with low zinc silicate antirust shop primer, and may not be spray-painted if required by the customer.
5. Guaranteed hardness value
Surface hardness: 370-430HBW, according to EN ISO 6506-1, the surface Brinell hardness test was conducted after the surface of the steel plate was milling at a depth of 0.5-2.0mm.
Minimum center hardness: thickness of steel plate ≤20mm, minimum surface hardness guaranteed value, 370HBW;Steel plate thickness >20mm, surface hardness of 95% of the minimum guaranteed value.
6. Heat treatment
When the ambient temperature exceeds 250℃, the performance of the steel plate in delivery state cannot be guaranteed, so WearTuf 400 is not suitable for processing or application with the temperature exceeding 250℃.
WearTuf 400 can be widely used in traditional earth transport, mining and transportation equipment, such as scoop, dump truck, dump truck, crusher, hammer head, conveyor and other mining conveying equipment. WearTuf 400 can supply thin and wide size steel plates, and Henan Zhirui Steel Trading Company can meet customers' requirements of lightweight design and application.
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