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Introduction to sulfuric acid dew point corrosion resistant steel

2019-10-11 14:15:47
09CrCuSb is resistant to sulfuric acid and low temperature dew point corrosion. Steel plate and steel pipe 95 years of new products, won the second prize of Sinopec Company, Ministry of Machinery Science and Technology; won the gold medal of World Expo held by the State Science and Technology Commission, and entered the GB150-1998 standard in 1997. In August 1999, he was awarded a technical review certificate issued by the National Pressure Vessel Committee and the State Bureau of Technical Supervision. It has been included in the SH/T3096-2001 standard for the guidance of processing high-sulfur crude oil equipment as the main equipment design selection guide. It is widely used in economizers, air preheaters, heat exchangers and evaporation equipments that are used in high-sulfur flue gas, and various products that have certain resistance to sulfuric acid low-temperature dew point corrosion.
ND steel is currently the ideal steel for corrosion resistance to low temperature dew point corrosion at home and abroad. The main evaluation index of 09CrCuSb steel seamless steel pipe/steel plate (soaked in 70°50% H2SO4 solution for 24 hours), similar to carbon steel and imported from Japan. Corrosion resistance of steel and stainless steel is 1.8 times that of Japanese CR1R steel, 2.8 times that of 1Cr18Ni9 steel, 8.6 times that of Corten steel and 14 times that of 20g steel.
09CrCuSb/BNS440 steel is a hot-rolled steel sheet and steel pipe with sulfuric acid dew point corrosion resistance developed for the purpose of boiler, electric furnace heat exchange, pipe, chimney, etc. Its superior resistance to sulfuric acid dew point corrosion and very high cost performance is a material that can completely replace stainless steel and surpass stainless steel (in terms of resistance to sulfuric acid dew point corrosion). ND steel has great economic significance, in line with today's high efficiency, longevity, energy saving and environmental protection. Wait for the "green" concept and national development policy orientation.