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Introduction and application of hot rolled steel plate

2020-04-07 10:08:19
Hot-rolled steel is made of slabs (mainly rolled steel slabs) as raw materials. After heating, strips are made from rough-rolled generators and finishing mills.  The hot steel chain from the last rolling extruder is cooled by clean bench water to the set temperature, and the coiler is stacked into a steel chain coil. The water-cooled steel chain coil passes different requirements according to the needs of the user. Casting and rolling lines (kaiping, flattening, cutting surface or slitting, testing, weighing, packaging and marking, etc.) are processed into steel plates, flat coils and slitting steel chain products. Because hot rolled steel products have high compressive strength, good ductility, easy processing and good weldability, etc., they are used in the manufacture of ships, automobiles, highway bridges, constructions, machinery and equipment, and high-pressure vessels industry.
With the application of new technologies such as dimensional precision, shape and process performance of hot-rolled steel plates and the continuous introduction of new products, hot-rolled steel plates and strip products have become more and more widely used.  In the steel plate market, hot-rolled steel plate products have a full range of alloy structural steel specifications and a wide range of main uses, from general engineering structures to the manufacture of automobiles, highway bridges, ships, boilers and pressure vessels, etc., which are widely used.
Various steel plates are used for different main purposes, and the requirements for the material properties, process performance and size, and design precision of the steel plates used are also different. Therefore, the types, materials, properties and applications of hot-rolled steel products must be understood in order to achieve reasonable utilization.  Hot rolled steel sheet products include belts (coils) and steel sheets cut from the belt. Steel strips (rolls) can be divided into straight rolls and fine rolls (rolls, flat rolls and slit rolls).
There are also various steel plate types to choose from, because the straight hair roll has not been re-wound, so the head and tail size changes of the steel strip have not been cut, and the straight hair roll has not been straightened and flattened.  Therefore, straight hair has tongues and tails, and it is prone to defects such as uneven head and tail thickness and width, wavy edges, folded edges, tower shapes, and folds (waist folds) after expansion.  Therefore, for applications that require higher surface quality and shape of the steel sheet, hot-rolled straight coils should not be selected, but the weight of the finished steel wire should be selected.
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